Carlos Santiago

Hard Knockin Cholo from south of tracks.


Background: Grew up on the streets of San Diego. Recieved a full ride scholarship to MIT for outstanding technical understanding. Now Carlos runs with one of the West Coasts smaller gangs and freelances his knowhow to various agencies.
Personality: Laidback Vato. Likes to cruise town on his lowrider cycle. while drinkin 40’s. When threatened this mellow chico goes loco.
Objectives: Protect the turf and try to keep his crew together to reign in the new hood.
Quote: “What up Vato? You wanna get that zombie head fukt up.. keep it comin.


Physical Description: Small Latino homeboy. Shaved Head, and a stripe goatie. He wears sunglasses and a large bandanna on his head. His jeans slplit at the bottom giving a phat look to his pants, complete with the XXXtra long belt & chain wallet.

Carlos Santiago

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